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Beef, Guns, & Scapegoats

Isn't it queer to watch politicians like Senator Obama and "The Mayors
Bloomberg, Daley, and Newsome" (sounds like a cheap law firm doesn't it?)
express their happiness over the recent US Supreme Court decision confirming
that the 2nd Amendment's simple phraseology meant what it said. These major
gun controllers say they found a pony in all the horse&*# about people
having a "right to bear Arms". Their imaginary pony is "their right" as
government officials to regulate and restrict gun sales, purchases,
ownership, possession, and use. That is to say that "THEY" are still the
ones that will "control" our rights as they see fit. Can this be the same
decision that the NRA is using to sue these same three Commissars?

Gun control seems to be a virus that can never be completely eradicated.
One of the major, if not THE major reasons for this can be found in Western
Europe during the last century and in the recent riots in Korea over the
Korean government decision to resume the import of US beef into Korea.
Aside from the academic mention of these two similar problems, there are
things to be learned and considered as we debate global warming, invasive
species, animal property rights, and a host of environmental and animal
rights issues; all of which are and continue to take away rights and
liberties every bit as seriously as the machinations of the three Commissars
and the Presidential candidate mentioned above.

Briefly, up until the 1920's long guns and handguns could be purchased and
possessed and carried anywhere by anyone in Britain and Germany (just as I
could as a young boy growing up in Illinois in the 1950's). Read the
Sherlock Holmes' stories (early 1900's) and note Watson pulling his revolver
from drawers and pockets at various points in the story.

In the 1920's the British and German governments watched the communists in
Russia mowing down landowners, bureaucrats, royalty, academics, and just
about anyone they didn't like. The British and German gentry and
politicians and tycoons looked at their factory workers and said, "not here"
and promptly registered, regulated, and "controlled" guns. Thanks to the
gun registry Hitler's thugs rounded up all the guns as soon as they took
power and to this day we wonder why hardly anyone resisted all the
atrocities. British gun control sped along to where today the idea of
American "cowboys" and their precious 2nd Amendment is a constant object of
ridicule and wonder in a nation of citizens under more government controls
than most Americans can imagine.

In the US a similar gun control campaign took off when cities came under the
control of mobs and street crime, corruption, and urban populations took off
relative to rural populations. Mob killings, machine gun bank robberies,
crooked mayors and Police Chiefs, prostitution, gambling all cried out for
solutions. Many of the Mayors that got elected in the 30's and 40's down to
the present did so by selling a phony solution. That solution was "getting
rid of the guns". Somehow this was supposed to turn criminals into
schoolteachers. As urban families disintegrated in the 60's and as welfare
concentrated dysfunctional child-raising in urban crime areas, the message
about "it" (i.e. gangs killings, drugs, and street crime) being the fault of
guns and gun availability only grew. This only intensified the "need" to
"regulate" (i.e. outlaw) guns and when that was seen to be counterproductive
the Mayors began singing the tune about "nearby states" selling guns to the
otherwise peaceful urban choirboys being the root cause of urban unrest. The
only answer from urban leaders was and remained outlawing guns. Since the
Mayors appoint "their" Chief of Police and since the big cities control the
Association of Chiefs of Police this organization, their "recommendations"
and findings gave "gravitas" to claims that the US Constitution and the
Founding Fathers were full of beans re: guns and that any notion about
citizen rights to guns should be erased for good.

So the gun as scapegoat has worked well for the Daley family in Chicago and
for the Giulianis and Bloombergs in New York and the Newsomes et al in San
Francisco. Keep them in power to get rid of the guns so that "our" city can
be like some Disney movie set. Forget about men that go "clubbing" and
"impregnating" every weekend, don't punish offenders, run the police like
some sort of neighborhood club and just work hard to get rid of gun shows
and gun stores and gun ownership and responsibility and everything will be

You can't turn off this kind of decades-long propaganda-scapegoating
machine. South Korea found this out recently. After 10 years of blaming
the US for everything under the theory that North Korea would "see the
light" and be all "kissy" with their southern brothers once it was clear
that South Korea no longer respected the US, it became apparent that blaming
the US for everything (as US Mayors do guns) wasn't working. So the new
South Korean administration has tried to reverse things and work more
closely with the US. A tiny step was to be the resumption of the import of
US beef into South Korea long after an isolated incident of tainted beef was
discovered. The big anti-American riots over US beef (really any increased
US cooperation) are a testimony to the acrimony that has been established by
10 years of making the US a scapegoat for Korean political problems.

We must remember all this not only as we work to preserve our gun rights but
also as we confront the propaganda and proposals of the environmental and
animal rights movements. Scapegoats and false assumptions are everywhere:

The only solution to warmth (or cold or wetness or dryness) in the
atmosphere is federal programs.

The only way to "save" land is for the federal government to control and
close it.

The only way to restore a healthy (i.e. "native") ecosystem is to empower
federal agencies.

The only way to quell violence is to outlaw hunting and propagandize the

Animals "can't" be owned; we are but "guardians" of (formerly identified as
'dumb') animals.

Apes and whales are just like us (conversely we are "just like them"?).

What we eat, where we live, and how we live should be determined by those
smarter than us.

Oil and gas should not be developed and refineries should not be expanded to
"force us to "change".

"Wilderness" and "Sanctuary" closed areas are their "highest and best use".

Retired federal Park bureaucrats publicly arguing to deny Constitutional 2nd
Amendment rights on federal lands indicates a "healthy" situation.

I could go on here but you get the point. Just as we allow Mayors to hold
power by scapegoating guns and just as South Korean politicians hold power
by scapegoating the US: so too are the environmentalists and animal rights
movements and their allies (politicians, bureaucrats both federal and state,
academics, and ideologues of all stripes) stripping us of our rights as they
propagate false assumptions like controlling world weather and the
equivalency of humans and animals in rhetoric strewn with scapegoats like
hunters and trappers and ranchers et al. If only we can get rid of them all
like guns, what a wonderful world it would be.

By the way, my handy dictionary defines "scapegoat" as "one who is made to
bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place". I do not intend to
let anyone "make" me "bear blame for others or to suffer in their place".
Just as I intend to expose the lie inherent in blaming guns for urban
violence in order to protect MY 2nd Amendment rights: so too do I deny the
false assumptions and scapegoating inherent in the environmental and animal
rights propaganda of the past 40 years.

For my money, the big city Mayors need to start prosecuting criminals and
protecting the rights of all citizens to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of
Happiness": if they want to practice taking away rights I suggest they
request a transfer to Russia or Zimbabwe. Regarding the South Koreans, they
are like our environmental and animal rights friends: they seem to be
committed to having their own way so I say let them have their own way and
leave mine alone! US beef is high quality and a better buy than oil these
days so in a free market you are free to make your own decisions. As to our
environmental and animal rights friends, this is a free country so practice
your beliefs yourself on your own property and leave the rest of us and our
property (both public and private) alone, in free country you are free to be
yourself; NOT to oppress others.

Jim Beers
6 July 2008

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Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress;
twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60
Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to
expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Centreville,
Virginia with his wife of many decades.

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